Career coaching

To have clarity about what is your ideal job and to turn this aspiration into reality seem to be the privilege of a lucky few. Hardly any of us have a clear idea about what that job would be and how to materialize it. The integral coaching method gives you the necessary support in order to advance in such an important affair. It is recommended both for those who aren’t sure about what they really want to do with their lives and also for those who know what they want but are unsure as to how implement this career change. With the coaching program the client will be able to envision his professional path more clearly, delineating his next steps and understanding what deeply matters and motivates him, building, as a result, the basis for a truly satisfactory and promising career.

Examples of coaching topics that could be worked with:

  • My current job isn’t stimulating, but I can’t see good alternatives. I would like to be more able to find out what I really want to work with.
  • I would like to leave my current employer and become self-employed, but I feel apprehensive about this move. I want to be able to take this step and start to work with what I’m really passionate about.
  • I never took the time to plan my career; I always took the opportunities as they came by. In this moment I would like to define a path for my career and plan the direction I wish to take.
  • I like my work but I don’t see much room for me to grow in my present company. I would like to work on my ability to plan my career and see new possibilities.
  • I have the opportunity to be promoted and transferred to another city (or country), but I’m afraid about the impact for my personal life. I want to be more able to make this decision taking into account a broader view of my life.