Integral Coaching

About the method: what is integral coaching?

Flavia Possas applies the Integral Coaching method, developed by Integral Coaching Canada. This style of coaching is based on Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, recognized as one of the most complete and coherent structures of knowledge of today. Integral Coaching Canada was a pioneer in applying Integral Theory to coaching. Based on these concepts, a comprehensive and well-structured method was formulated. The word “integral” represents, then, a method that is inclusive, global, complete, integrated. The four quadrants are incorporated into this analysis, which means looking at the client from these 4 different perspectives: experience/consciousness, body/behavior, culture/relationships and structures/systems.

Promoting sustainable change

In the integral coaching program, the goal is for the client to achieve a sustainable change in the chosen topic, with the development of new competencies that will be incorporated in his life from now on. The integral method allows for the client to identify and work with his patterns of behavior, at the same time developing the ability to move in new directions. The current way of being is gradually worked with and new ways of going forward are created. With the help of practices designed by the coach, the client builds new capabilities and skills to grow into a new way of being at the same time integrating the healthy aspects of his current way of being, in a process of inclusion and transcendence.

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