Financial Coaching

How much time of our lives is wasted worrying about money? Worrying about how to earn more, save more, pay up our debts, learn how to invest? These worries seem never-ending and have the power to affect negatively other areas of our lives: our health, well-being, career, intimate relationships, family life.

If on one hand it is very difficult to deal with financial problems without addressing their psychological aspects, on the other hand it’s very rare for the impact of these problems to remain confined to the financial sphere. Money ends up being a big theme in our lives, affecting all the rest. With this is mind, Financial Coaching works with topics related to how the client deals with his finances. It is of key importance to build a healthy and balanced relationship with money, in order to create the basis for a more authentic, balanced and gratifying life.

Examples of coaching topics that can be worked with:

  • I’m unable to save enough money, I would like to improve my ability to manage my spending and increase my savings rate
  • I cannot control myself when it comes to shopping, I end up spending much more than I would like to; I want to work on my ability to make sensible consumer choices.
  • It seems that every time I manage to achieve some sort of financial equilibrium, an emergency happens and I find myself in debt once more. I would like to work on my planning skills.
  • My finances are out of control because I’m incapable of saying ‘no’ to my family. I would like to develop my ability to deal with my budget and to communicate better with my family about this subject.
  • I want to have a peaceful financial life, not having to worry so much about money. I would like to be able to deal with my finances in a rational, sensible way.