What is coaching?

Coaching is a process of learning and change in which coach and client work together to find a new way of dealing with important issues. This happens through the development of new capabilities that will bring about lasting, sustainable change. We all have areas of our lives in which we struggle and would like to evolve, conquer further development, become more competent or even strive for greatness. The coaching program gives you an opportunity to focus on something that deeply matters to you, so that you can find alternatives and develop new skills, achieving your goals and moving towards your ideal life.

When should I look for a coach?

When we are facing difficulties in some area of our lives, it is common to believe that we don’t have any options. We can’t see new alternatives and end up feeling helpless. Because we are trapped in our current way of seeing and responding to reality, it gets really difficult to look at ourselves in an objective manner. The coaching process helps the client break this cycle and gain awareness about how he is currently behaving, guiding him in the uncovering of a new way of being that brings wider possibilities. During the cycle of coaching, through practices designed by the coach, the client also develops a new set of abilities that will give him the support he needs. The topic worked with in the coaching program can range from something quite specific such as improving your communication skills at work or developing a leadership style, to broader themes such as finding a work/personal life balance or defining the next step on your career.