I didn’t expect anything specifically from the coaching, I just had the feeling that it was the right thing for me and trusted a great friend that encouraged me to do it.  I decided to go for it with faith and an open heart, because for a long time I had wanted to release something that was trapped inside of me; and it’s a good thing that I followed my intuition.

The coaching program came, inadvertently, as a gift. I wanted to change my working area, to try something that seemed out of my reach and that my unconscious didn’t even dare to dream about! (But that, in fact, was in there). The coaching program provided me with the guidance, the support and the push that I needed to take off in a new path more suited for me.

In three months my lifestyle has changed radically, as if before I was a shadow of what I am now.

The program itself was quite challenging. At the same time, I felt like doing the practices that took me out of my comfort zone, because I sensed that they were part of a process of me becoming more like me. It was a moment of great acceleration and power in a fulfilling direction. Many times before I had identified something that I wanted to accomplish but I didn’t have the courage to believe and go for it. Now I feel more and more determined and daring because the changes have extended their boundaries to other aspects of my life as well. More than developing new capabilities, I unlocked capabilities that already existed inside of me.

I consider this a period of many accomplishments. Both me and Flavia have dealt with this partnership with dedication and trust and for that I can say it worked very well!

Julia May


The coaching program I did with Flavia helped me a lot in my professional field, but it also helped me in my personal life. She managed to show me the right attitudes to take and thereby I was able to develop them. She helped me to better perceive my own behaviors and attitudes and how they influenced positively or negatively the people in my life. She guided me in putting myself in the right position to conquer my goals.

Maria Gabriela de Oliveira Couto

Engenheira Civil